Ride Comfort Evaluation of an Agricultural Tractor Seat on a Vibration Platform by Human Physiological Response

  • Ruitao Gao


Vibration comfort of agricultural tractor driving is closely related to driver's physical and mental health. It was evaluated by measuring several operators’ physiological response through applying resonance excitation with 3 Hz to a tractor seat attached on a vibration platform. The vibration comfort of the operator was analyzed by regression analysis and subjective psychological scale. It was found that subjective sensation with "slight discomfort ", "moderate discomfort" and "severe discomfort" respectively occurred when the vibration lasted ~40 min, 80 min and 100 min. The Y-Avg index of objective sEMG, Y-RMS and Power index of PPG changed to a certain threshold over time. They tended to be flat after 40 min, 90 min, 90 min respectively. The AVNN index of ECG rose steadily in the early period and fluctuated sharply about 100 minutes later. The results indicate that the tractor operator should be arranged for rest when the driving time lasts 40 min in a vibration with 3 Hz; the operating time for one time has better less than 90 min for the sake of physiological safety.