Analysis on the Particularity of Land Economy and Its Impact on the Financial System of Rural Areas

  • Shihan Zhang


Finance is also optimistic about the preservation and proliferation of real estate. In order to solve the problem of land resources faced by agricultural sustainable development, it is necessary to correctly analyze the shortcomings of land use mode in rural areas in accordance with the requirements of circular economy, and seek the correct way of agricultural sustainable development. The structure and function of the core competence system are ultimately determined by the collection of its elements and relationships. At the same time, China's real estate industry has increasingly become an important part of the national economy, and has become an important source for effectively creating fiscal revenues, promoting investment growth, and driving related industries. The dynamic relationship between real estate development investment, currency and economic growth. Understand the special nature of the real estate economy and its impact on finance, in order to use its speciality to better serve the national economy, thus promoting the further development of China's economy.