Optimized Development Model of Rural Revitalization Based on Sustainable Agricultural Development

  • Xinbo Yu


In this paper, Anshan area villages and towns as the research object, aiming at the development history of the local characteristic villages and towns, the status quo of the development of villages and towns and the construction of characteristic industries of villages and towns, the main problems of the development of villages and towns in Anshan area at the present stage are analyzed in detail. Taking the mature Characteristic Towns in South China as an example, combined with the characteristics of human resources and natural resources in Anshan area, several new development modes of characteristic villages and towns suitable for Southern Liaoning area are studied, and some useful references are provided for the construction of Characteristic Towns in other areas. Sustainable development, as a cross-century theme, is the common goal of mankind. As a large agricultural country, China's sustainable development is of great significance. It is not only an ecological and environmental problem, but also an economic and social problem. China has 900 million rural population. The quality of farmers is of great significance to the sustainable development of agriculture in China.