Application of Agricultural Intelligent Irrigation System Based on Internet of Things

  • Leian Liu


With the rapid development of electronic information technology, electronic information technology is combined with other industries. It greatly promotes the development of other industries, improves production efficiency, and greatly improves the level of equipment, intelligence, automation and information. The utility model improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost. In the field of automatic irrigation, the gradual transition from traditional human irrigation to intelligent irrigation system based on Internet of Things is being realized. However, most of the current irrigation systems on the market can only achieve simple switching functions, cannot display the cumulative flow and wireless control functions, and the power consumption is relatively large. On the basis of fully understanding the application mechanism of agricultural Internet of Things and combining the characteristics of crop growth and water demand, this paper establishes an irrigation information acquisition and control model based on Internet of Things. From the aspects of hardware circuit configuration and software control program, the configuration display of agricultural intelligent irrigation system is constructed. The experiment of agricultural intelligent irrigation system is carried out. The results show that the experiment of this intelligent irrigation system is based on fuzzy control. Under the mechanism, the control relationship among non-linear soil moisture difference, air temperature and irrigation time is obtained. Under the condition of reliable and effective transmission of sensor data, when the error between the experimental value of soil moisture and irrigation water requirement and the actual measured value can be controlled within 1.5%, which meets the requirements of the realization of irrigation function of the system, it can provide ideas for the optimization of similar irrigation systems.