Development Potential of Rural Areas in China Based on Agricultural Development Pattern

  • Xinbo Yu


At present, for a large agricultural country like China, the development of rural agriculture is at a critical stage. In order to solve the problems of single rural development form and poor management efficiency in China, this paper comprehensively explores the sustainable, comprehensive and diversified rural complex model. It also discusses the current situation, trend and Prospect of the pastoral complex and the significance and role of implementing the model of the pastoral complex in China's rural development. With the reform of rural economic system, China's agricultural development has made remarkable achievements. However, the increasingly serious problems of resources and environment, food and food safety, agricultural scientific and technological progress and international agricultural competition, agricultural costs and benefits, and full employment of rural surplus labor force make the sustainable development of agriculture face many difficulties. According to the main problems facing the sustainable development of agriculture in China, the strategy of realizing the sustainable development of agriculture was discussed. This paper reviews the contribution of facility agriculture to the development of agriculture in China, and puts forward that the development of facility agriculture is an effective way to realize the sustainable development strategy of agriculture.