A Monitoring Platform for Bioelectricity and Transpiration of Plants

  • Yangyang Zhou


There are continuously changing bio-voltages in the xylem of plants. Such variation of the voltage is probably induced by transpiration. In order to study the relationship between the voltage and transpiration, a real-time monitoring platform based on Internet of Things (IoT) was developed. The platform includes six functions: data receiving, data processing, database, data displaying, chart, and data export. Voltages in xylem and transpiration rate, as well as environment parameters can be measured synchronously and received by the platform via a receptor server. Measured data are displayed on web pages and stored in MySQL database. The charting function gives an intuitive view of the data. Moreover, the export function allows users to further analyze the measured data. The platform was validated to be stable and reliable after repeated experiments and provide a tool for the research on the bioelectricity in plants.