Redundant Indexing Cam Analysis in Transverse Seedling Feeding Mechanism of High-speed Transplanter

  • Jinsheng Liang


With the popularization of plug seedling technology, the design of automatic transplanting machines is currently being studied in depth. The transverse seedling mechanism as the core mechanism of the transplanter is more extensive. Intermittent motion in the lateral seedling movement often uses ratchet mechanism or geneva mechanism, but these mechanisms have an impact during the movement and are not suitable for the requirements of high-speed transplanter. Research on the use of indexing cam mechanisms in transplanters has been conducted. However, although the groove cylindrical indexing cam mechanism has simple structure, it has traverse impact when acceleration is reversed, which limits the use of the grooved cylindrical cam indexing cam mechanism at high speed and high precision. Nor can it effectively guarantee the high-speed moving target of the transplanter. To this end, cylindrical indexing cam mechanism with large and small rollers based on redundant structure is proposed in this paper. In this structure, the elastic deformation of small rollers and pin shafts is used to ensure that the large rollers, which play driving role, always compress the cam contour to avoid transverse impact. This paper verifies this by computer simulation. The cylindrical indexing cam mechanism with redundant structure can move more smoothly at high speed, and can better meet the requirements of high speed and smooth intermittent movement of the plug tray in the automatic transplanting machine.