A New Method for Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Traits in Crop Breeding

  • Hao Wu


With the continuous improvement of agricultural level, the analysis of the genetic aspects of quantitative traits of crops has become more and more important. However, the analysis of crops is rare. In order to carry out in-depth analysis of the genetic traits of quantitative traits in crop breeding, this study classified 24 cultivars collected from the Department of Horticulture of XX University, and classified the broccoli varieties resources. Quantitative trait inheritance was analyzed. The cluster analysis of cauliflower ecotype showed that the broccoli ecotype can be classified into three ecological types. The traits of the three ecotypes were selected by stepwise discriminant analysis to determine the difference ratio of leaf number in autumn and spring sowing period. The generalized heritability of the spherical index and the single-ball heavy autumn sowing period were 14% and 26%, respectively, and the spring sowing period was 70% and 93%, respectively, indicating that different climatic conditions have different effects on these two traits. The broad-type heritability of plant type index, plant leaf number and flower bulb maturity was 32%, 32%, 87%, 95%, 88%, 98%, respectively, and the difference between them was small, indicating that this The inheritance of the three traits is less affected by different environments.