Coupling Mechanism of Agricultural Food Supply Chain

  • Xin Zhang


The supply chain had higher circulation costs and greater losses of agricultural products. Problems were focused on the tediously long, too many intermediate trading links, logistics channels, insufficient of the logistics volume of agricultural products, and market information asymmetry. Aiming at these problems of poor supply stability and circulation convenience, this paper analyses the main reason of the inefficiency on the agricultural supply chain, which is the unreasonable overlap of logistics function on the time and space of the agricultural supply chain. Then, according to the input-output theory, this paper studies the technological and economic links on the time and space of agricultural supply chain, puts forward the reasonable possibility of solving the overlapping function of agricultural supply chain under different stakeholders, and empirically analyses the improvement path of agricultural supply chain. Based on the research conclusions, the general strategies would be obtained for improving the efficiency of agricultural supply chain, parallel time-space to the agricultural supply chain, integration of stock and incremental logistics resources, and decentralization of agricultural trade.