Customized Products Module Partitioning for Agricultural Sorting Equipment using Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering

  • Guoshu Yuan


In order to further improve the efficiency, assembly and maintenance of production in the process of precision sorter customization, and to improve the rationality of product module division, a clustering module partition method based on function and structure correlation of parts is proposed. Firstly, the functional and structural correlation among any parts in the product is analyzed comprehensively, and the correlation evaluation criteria are defined. The relationship matrix is obtained, and the relationship matrix is treated equivalently. The aggregation hierarchical clustering algorithm is used to cluster different parts flexibly to obtain various partition schemes. Then, the information entropy theory is introduced to optimize the complexity of design, assembly, maintenance, upgrade and recycling in product life cycle. The mathematical evaluation model of product module partition is constructed, and the optimal scheme is selected from multiple partition results. Finally, the rationality and feasibility of the above method is demonstrated by taking the module of precision sorter of seed as an example. The results show that reasonable product design module partition can be obtained by using this method, which provides a tool for realizing product modular conceptual design and simplifying complex design problems.