The Path of Sustainable Agricultural Region Traffic Green Consumption Behavior in the Mode of Government Participation

  • Mingxing Yu


As a new sustainable transportation mode in China, car sharing is necessary to alleviate traffic pressure and improve the environment. A key challenge of the research is how to motivate agricultural region people to accept and use car sharing. Additional tasks are to clarify the preconditions of car sharing consumption behavior and integrate the motivation factor and normative factor of behavior intention. Based on the extension Theory of Planned Behavior, we constructed the research model and tested 590 subjects from agricultural region of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Research results show that car sharing consumption behavioral intention in agricultural region plays an intermediary role in the effect process of behavior attitude. In addition, subject norm and perceived behavioral control transforms to car sharing consumption usage behavior in agricultural region. Furthermore, government policy tools and behavioral agent characteristics can be used as adjustment variables to verify the influence of the model path; indeed, the positive adjustment is significant. This conclusion can provide reference for agricultural region traffic management decision makers.