Relationship Marketing Orientation on Relationship Learning in Agricultural Products Channel: The Mediating Effect of Relationship State

  • Zhifang Zhan


In the dynamic and changing environment, agricultural products enterprises have to start relationship learning through the distribution channel. This article, based on the theory of relationship marketing and marketing channel behavior, builds a conceptual model of testing the mediating effect of Relationship State (Inter Organizational and personal relationship) between relationship marketing orientation and relationship learning in agricultural products channel. The model is validated by using the actual survey data, through multiple regression and Bootstrap test methods. The result shows that: the relationship marketing orientation has not only a significant direct impact on, but also indirect impact on information sharing, joint sense making. But the relationship marketing orientation only has an indirect impact on “relationship- specified memory” through the mediator variable: relationship state. The relationship state has mediating effects between marketing orientation and the relationship learning in agricultural products channel. The interpersonal relationship has stronger effect between relationship marketing orientation and learning Information share, joint sense making than inter-organizational relationship. There is an interaction between   interpersonal relationship and inter-organizational relationship. The research conclusion provides guidance to agricultural products enterprises how to implement relationship marketing strategy in Chinese channel environment, that is they should pay attention to the effect of relationship marketing orientation and relationship state on relationship learning when they implement relationship marketing.