Technology Innovation Diffusion Mechanisms of Agricultural Machinery in an Innovation Ecosystem

  • Bing Sun


Based on the MLP framework, first proposed new innovation ecosystem diffusion model considering both space and time dimensions (STD model), finding three periods for an innovative ecosystem spread: technology protection, market selection and competition diffusion. Meanwhile, we found the main form of friendship in three periods are: mainly cooperation, mainly competition and co-existence of cooperation and competition. The form of innovation diffusion in three periods are: chain diffusion, network diffusion and platform diffusion. After that, we used multi-agent software NetLogo to simulate ecosystem components’ actions in each period, verifying the form of friendship in the ecosystem. Finally, we studied the case of the development of agricultural machinery and showed that STD model is consistent with the development of the real case. These shows that STD model can depicts how China agricultural machinery technology diffuses in the present society.