Evaluation of Cultivated Land Ecological Security Based on PSR Model

  • Fengkui Qian


As the largest commodity grain base in Liaoning Province, the lower Liaohe Plain, its cultivated land ecological security is relates to human food safety. The following Liaohe Plain area is used to carry out the evaluation of cultivated land ecological security for the study area, which is conducive to the diagnosis of the factors affecting the change of cultivated land ecological environment, and the problem of ecological security of cultivated land, and plays an important role in protecting cultivated land. Based on the PSR model, this paper evaluates the ecological security status of cultivated land in the Lower Liaohe Plain. The results showed that the liaohe plain area in 2005 and 2015 was in the “critical safety” level. The total dynamic degree of ecological security from 2005 to 2015 was 0.77%, which was in a state of ecological structure and function stability.The obstacles that hinder the improvement of the safety status of cultivated land ecosystems in 2005-2015 include the per capita cultivated land area, the proportion of effective irrigated area, the grain yield per unit of cultivated land, and the per capita food possession.