Optimal Selection of Agricultural Poverty Alleviation Projects by Using the Group Decision Making Method

  • Lifang Wang


A new type of group decision making problem lies in front of people with the rapid development of the communications technology, the paper proposes an optimal alogrithm aiming at group decision making problem with misssing preference values.Firstly, The paper introduces some basic principles in mathematical forms,such as the model of the group decision making problem,the definition of the additive preference relations, the additive consistency rules and the social influences among decision makers.Then the paper discusses the specific execution steps of the algorithm which includes the method of deciding the decision makers’ weights,the method of calculating the maximum influences from one decision maker to another, the method of calculating the support weights,the method of calculating the missing preference values,the method of checking consisitency of the preference matrices, the method of calculating the total consensus degree and the method of ranking alternatives.Finally,the paper compares the algorithm proposed in the paper with other algorithms and analyses their respective strengths and weaknesses, the paper gives specific examples of the optimal selection of agricultural poverty alleviation projects to illustrate the effectiveness of the algorithm and also points out the limitations and the directions of the further research.The main characteristic of the paper is the combination of the social network and the Dijkstra approach which can increase the ability of finding the optimal solution.