Intelligent Agriculture Based on Internet of Things

  • Yuxiang Feng


In recent years, agricultural informatization, which is an important part of the national agricultural modernization development, has received great attention and great development from all over the world. With the rapid development of science and technology, agricultural informationization has begun to be linked with the Internet of Things, and it has developed rapidly in the direction of technology, convenience and efficiency. With the maturity of the Internet of Things technology, the Internet of Things technology is combined according to the current situation of China's agriculture. There are many devices in the Internet of Things, especially the interfaces between sensing device devices that can vary widely, involve multiple communication protocols, and make application development difficult. Intelligent agriculture research needs to combine Internet of Things, information systems or platforms with agricultural applications, so as to strengthen Intelligent Agriculture Research Based on Internet of Things architecture. It has important theoretical and practical significance to promote the intelligent management in the field of agriculture and agricultural informatization. Based on the three-tier architecture model of the Internet of Things, this paper constructs an intelligent agriculture platform by using the related technologies of the Internet of Things. Compare database data and use intelligent agriculture platform for data monitoring. Through the intelligent agricultural platform, efficient and convenient management is realized, which greatly reduces the input cost and liberates the labor force. Finally, through the test, the intelligent agriculture platform based on the Internet of Things architecture studied in this paper can be well applied to the current development of agriculture.