Common Distribution Path of Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Agricultural Products

  • Zhiwei Rao


At present, in the agricultural market, the needs of customers are increasingly diversified and personalized, the requirements for agricultural products logistics and distribution are increasingly high, mainly reflected in the cost of logistics and distribution, time and service quality. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers, relevant organizations and departments have formulated and promulgated detailed policies on the transportation of agricultural products, and improved the equipment and facilities for transportation the transport of agricultural products between cities is more systematic and efficient. In order to solve the problem of cold chain logistics and distribution of fresh agricultural products. This article mainly carries on the thorough research from the path optimization Angle. In addition to taking into account the fixed cost of the vehicle, the cost of transportation, the cost of damage to the goods, the cost of refrigeration and the cost of fines for violating the time window, customer satisfaction is also taken into account. Under the limitation of vehicle load and time window, the optimization model with the minimum comprehensive cost is constructed. For the solution of this model, this paper mainly improves ant colony algorithm. According to the characteristics of the problem, this paper makes improvements from the aspects of coding and initializing population, to improve the efficiency and convergence speed of the algorithm. Finally, through case analysis, the logistics distribution path of agricultural products in the city is optimized. The model is constructed according to the actual parameters and the results verify the rationality and feasibility of the model designed in this paper.