Application of Big Data in Agricultural Internet of Things

  • Jianbo Li


China is a big agricultural country, Internet of things technology, computer technology and the development of the Internet; it provides sufficient preparation for the development of agricultural informatization and modernization. In particular, digital technology and Internet technology are widely used in the construction of agricultural modernization, and to lay a good technical support for the development of agricultural Internet of things, create conditions for realizing intelligent agriculture. This paper starts with the application status of big data in China’s agricultural Internet of things, and discusses the application mechanism of big data in the agricultural Internet of things, analyze the current big data application environment, application level and existing shortcomings in rural areas, and on this basis, put forward to strengthen the application of agricultural Internet of things big data. Measures should be taken from the aspects of platform construction, enterprise participation and personnel training, promote the development of agricultural modernization. Agricultural data collection terminal based on the Internet of things, the collected data is often a large number of redundant, this brings some problems for subsequent analysis and processing. Based on the advantage of BloomFilter, an optimization method to filter redundant data is proposed, and the feasibility analysis and process description of the system model are carried out.