Development of Forestry Carbon Industry in Heilongjiang of China Using “SWOT+AHP”

  • Youzhi Wang


For the most of developing countries, it is an important way and means to deal with global climate change through forest carbon sink industry. In order to fulfill the national emission reduction obligations, the developing countries have to balance the economic growth and the environment protection. Forest carbon sink industry will be a sunrising industry in the future. In this paper, we utilize the “SWOT + AHP” method to quantify and rank the internal and external environment factors facing by forest carbon sink industry in Heilongjiang Province, China. We conclude that the strategic position is in a strategic opportunity zone for forest carbon industry in Heilongjiang Province, which means the industry is chosen right and has a great chance to grow. So, more aggressive and pioneering strategies should be taken and bold innovations in the ecological reform of forest resources and attracting and retaining talents should be highly considered.