Countermeasure on Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Corn Straw Incineration

  • Ji Luo
Keywords: Straw Incineration, Comprehensive Utilization of Straw, Straw Returning to Field, Countermeasures


In order to alleviate the problem of open straw incineration, the most serious incineration event in the history of
Zhoukou City in Henan Province in 2015 and its prohibition were selected as the research object, and "empty
nest village" as an objective factor was a difficulty in straw incineration control in Zhoukou City, Henan
Province. Considering this factor, the stakeholders were studied in the process of straw incineration control from
the perspective of game theory, and a game model was established based on this. The results showed that the
loss of rural labor caused by "empty nest village" enlarged the cost of farmers not incineration straw, and the
phenomenon of "administrative penalty failure" was caused by the incineration of straw by some elderly leftbehind
villagers. Local governments encounter this kind of situation in financial difficulties. The comprehensive
utilization enterprise of straw is bound to play an important role in the long-term mechanism of straw
incineration control. Therefore, the local government should greatly improve the strength of policy support, give
great encouragement to the growth of the straw comprehensive utilization enterprise, set up the pilot project of
straw comprehensive utilization when necessary to give full play to the demonstration driving role. Moreover, it
is necessary to strengthen the investigation and disposal of straw incineration.