Application of Single Chip Micyoco in Combine Harvester Based on Path Planning

  • Pang Bo
Keywords: Combine Harvester, Embedded System, Path Planning, DSP


As an important equipment to improve the automation and intelligence level of modern agricultural machinery,
the research and development of combine information processing platform is of great significance. In this paper,
the overall design of the system, hardware platform design, signal preprocessing module design, automatic
tracking system algorithm design and implementation, system trajectory planning algorithm design and
implementation, digital information, feature parameter extraction algorithm research are completed. Software
design and system debugging program. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of various information
processing schemes, it is decided to use ARM embedded system to realize information processing, display and
intelligent alarm of fault information of combine harvester. The hardware platform uses ARM microprocessor as
the main control module, combined with other functional modules to build a complete embedded system, and the
software part uses Windows CE operating system. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of sensor
information, the information preprocessing and digital processing modules are designed. For different sensor
signals, a new feature extraction algorithm of digital information is proposed. According to the information of
engine speed and drum speed, an intelligent algorithm is studied. Experimental results show that this method can
effectively plan the path of combine