Application of Agricultural Vegetation Concrete Support in Rock Foundation Slope

  • Xiaofeng Li
Keywords: Vegetation Concrete, Rock Foundation Slope, Slope Body, Slope Stability


With the growth of population and the advancement of urbanization, China’s agricultural engineering
construction is in a vigorous development trend. However, due to the limitation of terrain, it is inevitable that the
original slope will be excavated and reconstructed. The slopes are exposed, the ecological environment benefits
are poor, and the soil erosion is serious. In order to solve the engineering problems such as topographical
constraints in agriculture, this paper studies the mix design and strength characteristics of vegetation concrete
through vegetation concrete test, and establishes the concrete slab support model of slope vegetation, and studies
the influence of rock foundation slope interaction. Computational analysis shows that on the rock-base slope, in
order to reduce the displacement of the superstructure, the influence of the secondary stress of the superstructure
is reduced. Among the various basic types, the pile foundation is optimal, and the continuous foundation should
also be preferred. When the slope is large, the slope and the upper structure will lean toward the slope, and the
slope will be opposite when the slope is small. The slower the slope, the smaller the displacement of the slope,
the smaller the average settlement of the foundation, and the bottom of the column near the slope. The larger the
internal force is, the smaller the inter-column is, and the bending moment distribution of the upper structure
tends to be symmetrical, but the internal force value of the bending moment of the bottom frame is larger than
that of the rigid foundation.