Vegetable Product Optional Distribution Path of Heilongjiang

  • Yao Wang
Keywords: Heilongjiang Region, Vegetable Products, Distribution Route, Route Research


With the continuous progress of society, people's lives are getting richer and richer, and product sales methods
are gradually increasing. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, distribution, as a comprehensive
activity form in logistics service activities, is playing an increasingly important role in social and economic
development. The optimization of distribution and transportation vehicle routes is conducive to improving the
economic efficiency of logistics, reducing the transportation cost of enterprises, and realizing the
scientificization of logistics. In order to broaden the distribution path of vegetables in Heilongjiang, a large
amount of research was deliberately done in this paper. This article studies the distribution problem of
Heilongjiang vegetable system, with the goal of minimizing the cost of distribution and transportation,
combining the actual situation of related agricultural and sideline product distribution companies, and
considering the constraints of capacity and service time, a fixed storage warehouse and third-party logistics
companies are involved. Many parties, such as the optimization of multi-model combined transportation vehicle
routing issues, have found the best quality distribution methods through the consideration of customer opinions
and personal profit, and provided a lot of data support for promoting the development of agriculture in