Application of Natural Color Cotton Textiles and Garments in Clothing Design

  • Jingxuan Zhang
Keywords: Natural Color Cotton, Textiles and Clothing, Costume Design, Clothing Material


Natural color cotton is a commonly used clothing material in clothing design. The fibers of the clothing material
mainly include brown and green. Because natural color cotton itself has natural color, it can avoid bleaching and
dyeing process, not only will not produce harm to people's health, but also effectively reduce the ceramic fiber,
antistatic fiber, linen fiber in the process of textile and clothing environmental pollution, has a strong ecological.
In recent years, due to the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection and the continuous
development of clothing design, the planting and application of natural color cotton are on the rise. However,
there are still some problems in the application of specific clothing design. The purpose of this paper is to
promote the good application of natural color cotton in clothing design. This paper first discusses the natural
color cotton, mainly including the concept characteristics, fabric development and design, textile and clothing
and development prospects. Secondly, the application status and quality analysis of natural color cotton were
investigated by means of investigation and experiment. The results showed that in recent years, the planting and
application of natural color cotton increased from 34.17% to 62.93%, and the application ratio increased from
21.93% to 58.17%. The fineness of brown and green cotton was 5950d and 6750d, respectively. In addition,
brown cotton had the highest breaking strength and maturity coefficient, which were 4.17 and 1.64, respectively