Green Rice Cultivation Technology from the Perspective of Agricultural Economy

  • Feng Jin
Keywords: Agricultural Economy, Rice Cultivation Technology, Growth Quality, Rice High Yield


Green rice cultivation technique in China through reform and innovation for many times, from the initial short
stem varieties to form a complete set of high yield cultivation technique development of super high yielding
cultivation of rice technology, in the process of constantly technology innovation, green rice yield increase
gradually, show that high yield cultivation technique of green rice is sustainable development in the practice
again and again. The purpose of this paper is to study the green rice cultivation technology from the perspective
of agricultural economy and put forward reasonable suggestions for improving the technology according to the
actual experiment. Based on this, this paper firstly analyzes the current status of green rice cultivation
technology, and discusses the existing problems, and then points out the problems in the process of green rice
cultivation through the technical analysis of green rice cultivation in a certain agricultural bureau. It can be seen
from the experiment that the rice yield under the ecological means is always maintained above 8 tons. Based on
this, this paper gives a detailed overview of the green rice cultivation technology under the agricultural
economic situation, hoping to help improve the green rice cultivation technology.