Formation of Iron Film on Plant Root Surface and Its Nutrition and Eco-Environmental Effects

  • Zhonghe Li
Keywords: Eco-Environmental Effect, Root Surface Iron Film, Plant Nutrition, Heavy Metal Pollution


The nutritional absorption of plants is mainly completed by the roots, and the formation of iron films in the roots
of plants directly affects the absorption of nutrients. A good ecological environment can promote the formation of
iron films on the root surface of plants, and thus accelerate the absorption of nutrients by plants. However, a bad
ecological environment will endanger the growth of plants. If plants are in a polluted ecological environment for a
long time, then plants will absorb harmful substances. If they finally reach people's tables, they will inevitably
have a great impact on people's health and safety. The research found in this paper found that heavy metals have a
direct effect on the growth of rice. The experimental research analysis found that the concentration of MeHg in
DCB of three varieties of rice was 1.8-2.6 times that of + P treatment under -P treatment, indicating that the iron
film had an effect on MeHg in solution. Has a very strong adsorption effect. That is, heavy metals are very easily
absorbed by the iron surface of the plant roots.