Analysis of Library Knowledge Map Based on CiteSpace for Genetically Modified Soy Research

  • Suxing Zhao
Keywords: Knowledge Map, Genetically Modified Soybean, Information Visualization, Visual Analysis, Comparative Analysis


With the rapid development of genetically modified soybean technology, the study of genetically modified
soybean has also become one of the research hotspots in plant molecular biology at home and abroad. As a new
technology, genetically modified soybean has attracted wide attention from the library community at home and
abroad. Many researchers have done a lot of research on various aspects of the field of genetically modified
soybeans from various perspectives. These studies have played an important role in guiding the actual
development of genetically modified soybean technology. Based on this, quickly and accurately grasping
domestic and foreign research hotspots and cutting-edge trends in a large amount of disordered research data is a
vital link in the research and development of genetically modified soybeans. This article focuses on the analysis
of library knowledge maps based on CiteSpace’s research on genetically modified soybeans. This article is
based on the research status of GM soybeans in China and the world, and aims to address the problems existing
in the development of GM soybeans in China, and draws on relevant experiences and developments in this field
in the world. It provides a certain theoretical basis for Chinese scholars to grasp the scientific research dynamics
of genetically modified soybeans and opens up new research fields. According to the experimental analysis in
this paper, we can see that there are many institutions in China that research genetically modified soybeans, and
the degree of cooperation between them is low. There are many authoritative institutions and universities in
Northeast China and Beijing. Institutions in this field are closely connected worldwide, and scientific research
forces have made tremendous contributions to the research of genetically modified soybeans.