Agriculture - Rural Social Governance Horizon, "Plow Coupon" Rice Scale Cultivation Path

  • Yunxing Sun
Keywords: Combined Tillage, Large Scale Ice Planting, Production Function, Rural Social Governance


Starting from the rural social governance, the fragmentation of farmland, through the promotion of new
technology, new equipment, provided by the agricultural service organization unified, kind of, plant protection,
every kind of professional service all the way, to achieve "plow coupon" large-scale cultivation of rice, improve
agricultural labor productivity and land benefit, provided a basis for the new rural construction. In this study,
rice farmers were taken as the research object. From the perspective of agronomy -- rural social governance, the
factor input method of production function was adopted to study the large-scale cultivation of "combined tillage
and combined planting" of rice. The input of production factors is mainly divided into technical input, labor
input and capital input. Through these three aspects, used to select the area of the middle and lower reaches of
the Yangtze river in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan six provinces of rice planting area of
peasant household survey data, combined with the related influence factors of the rural social governance, to
explore the production of rice farmers behavior characteristics and its influencing factors, in order to summarize
"plow coupon" rice scale cultivation path. Through practice "plow coupon", explore the traditional agriculture to
realize the another new way to large-scale planting rice, rice scale planting area yield is about 32% before
ascension, make the efficiency increased by more than 60%, make land resources optimization PeiZhiLv
increased 20%, 30%, to strengthen the rural organization construction, achieved good results. Through the
selection of samples of rice planting area of peasant household survey data, demonstration and promotion of
"plow coupon" scale planting rice path, which changes the land management from extensive to scale, promoted
the high efficiency, low consumption of large farming equipment utilization, reduce operation cost, realize the
straw returning full amount, laid a good foundation for rural social governance.