Crop Disease and Insect Pest Automatic Monitoring and Reporting System Based on Internet of Things Technology

  • Haifeng Zhang
Keywords: Internet of Things Technology, Agricultural Crops, Pests and Diseases, Automatic Forecasting System


It is well known that diseases and insect pests have caused great losses to crops. Diseases and insect pests can
cause economic damage to crops, reduce yield and reduce quality. In the past, people used spraying pesticides to
solve the problem of pests and diseases. For a long time, due to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and
pesticides, a series of ecological problems such as pesticide residues, soil compaction and environmental
pollution have directly threatened human health. Scientific research shows that the occurrence of various
diseases such as human tumors, hematological diseases and nervous system is directly related to environmental
and food pollution. In order to reduce the cost of prevention and control and reduce environmental pollution,
this article deliberately combined with the Internet of Things technology to build an automatic crop disease and
pest monitoring system based on the Internet of Things technology. Through a large number of studies and
long-term investigations, it is found that the use of automatic measurement and reporting systems can find and
control the occurrence of pests and diseases, the accuracy rate and treatment rate have reached more than 99%,
and there is almost no recurrence. At the same time, the relevant cost of about 100 yuan per hectare was saved.
The automatic monitoring system for crop diseases and insect pests based on the Internet of Things technology
has greatly promoted the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in China. It is hoped that the
research in this paper can provide powerful data for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in