Landscape Greening of Agricultural Sightseeing Tourism Park

  • Chun-Nan Chang
Keywords: Tourist Agricultural Park, Agricultural Tourism, Agricultural Landscape, Landscape Planning, Regional Agriculture


With the development of tourist agriculture, the tourist agricultural park has become more and more popular
with people. The tourist agricultural park is a multifunctional park with multiple functions. The purpose of this
article is to explore and study the landscape planning of tourism agricultural parks in Area A based on the
relevant agricultural planning environment in Area A as a background, and in accordance with related landscape
planning theories. It is hoped that while promoting the economic development of new rural construction, it will
also create beautiful Ecological landscape, so that life and life are full of green. In this paper, field surveys,
questionnaire surveys, and literature studies are used to collect relevant information and analyze the positioning
and influencing factors of the landscape planning of the tourist agricultural park in Area A. In the survey of
willingness to travel, the proportion of men and women is basically the same in terms of gender; from the
perspective of travel preferences, 126 people choose to travel with families, 56 people choose to travel with
friends, and only 12 people choose to travel alone From the time of travel, 159 people chose to return on the
same day. From the perspective of tourism consumption, 71.65% of the people prefer spending less than 100
yuan per capita. Considering people's wishes in the landscape planning, according to the relevant planning
theories, this has been confirmed in the landscape planning of the A-Sightseeing Agricultural Park from three
different perspectives: regional agricultural planning, agricultural tourism planning, and regional landscape
planning. Studies have shown that in the landscape planning of tourist agricultural parks, the local conditions are
fully combined, the common resources are reasonably used, and the economic, social and ecological benefits of
tourist agricultural parks are maximized.