Interaction between Agricultural Industrial Clusters and Regional Brands of Agricultural Products

  • Jing Zhang
Keywords: Agricultural Industry Cluster, Regional Brand of Agricultural Products, Brand Interaction Research, Brand Building


The purpose of this paper is to explore the proposition of building regional brand of agricultural cluster, based
on the fact that China is a large agricultural country, but the agricultural industry cluster is still at the end of the
world value chain, so as to provide theoretical basis and practical guidance for the transformation and upgrading
of the cluster. Through the analysis of the brand competitiveness of agricultural products, the main role played
by the agricultural industry cluster, and in the future development process, gradually transform the regional
brand of agricultural products into enterprise brand, enhance the scientific and technological content of regional
brand, and then enhance the regional brand competitiveness of agricultural products. This paper discusses the
interactive relationship between the development of agricultural industry cluster and the cultivation of regional
brand of agricultural products, and further establishes the corresponding game model according to the different
stages of the establishment of regional brand. It proves that the agricultural regional brand, as a public product,
often faces the problem of the lack of investment subjects and the damage of brand image in the process of
formation and operation. Through the experimental game analysis conclusion and case empirical test, this paper
puts forward two kinds of strategies to build regional brand and maintain regional brand of agricultural products,
kmo and Bartlett sphericity test on the data. The former improves the scale growth of 69% of agricultural
industry clusters and plays the role of each participant, The latter improves the quality requirements of 78% of
regional agricultural products and improves the brand protection system of agricultural regions.