Development of Regional Agricultural E-commerce in China Based on Big Data Analysis: A Case Study of Potato Industry

  • Haiying Ma
Keywords: Big Data Analysis, Regional Agricultural Products, E-Commerce Development, Potato Industry


In recent years, big data analysis technology has become one of the important research topics in the information
field, and has been widely used in many fields such as web search, e-commerce, financial analysis, and medical
services. As one of the important industries in the era of big data, e-commerce affects the level of China's social
and economic development. As one of the most promising high-yield economic crops in China, potato occupies
a considerable proportion in agricultural e-commerce. To this end, this article will take the potato industry as an
example and develop regional e-commerce in China based on big data research. This paper uses a combination
of SWOT analysis method and literature research method for research, and selects Guangxi Guigang as a case
study for analysis. The study found that the total output of fresh potatoes in Guigang City increased from 97,500
tons in 2013 to 215,500 tons in 2019.The average unit area output of fresh potatoes in the past 7 years was
21343.41 kg / hm2, which was equivalent to a yield of 4178.14 kg per 5: 1 / hm2, far exceeding the national unit
yield of 3387kg / hm2. It can be seen that with the advent of the era of big data and the development of
e-commerce for agricultural products, the potato industry in Guigang is getting better and better.