Environmental geotechnical engineering treatment of soil contaminated by agricultural waste ash

  • Taoli Xiao
Keywords: Geotechnical Engineering, Waste ash, Contaminated Soil, Environmental Treatment


Waste ash is mainly derived from petrochemical production, and its alkali is extremely high. Without reasonable
pretreatment, high concentration of waste ash entering the soil biochemical treatment system will hinder the
growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and also cause microorganisms to appear. The serious
consequences of extinction will eventually interfere with the normal operation of the environmental
geotechnical engineering treatment. Therefore, the treatment of the soil polluted by the waste ash is a very
important issue. This paper mainly studies the environmental geotechnical engineering treatment methods of
geotechnical contaminated soil with waste ash. Based on the relationship between equivalent elastic stress and
yield strength of contaminated soil, the ductility mechanical parameters of waste ash contaminated soil are
calculated in this paper. Based on this, a clay particle analysis control model for soil contaminated with waste
ash is established to predict the particle and pore distribution of the soil ash being polluted with waste ash.The
detection of waste soil contaminated by waste ash in geotechnical engineering is completed. Contaminated soil
is added with solidifying agent (cement) and sodium persulfate to purify the soil contaminated by waste ash.
The experimental results in this paper show that the method proposed in this paper has a large decrease in the
alkali content in each soil layer after purification treatment, and the alkali content after purification is below 4.3
mg / kg. The curing agent can promote the purification of waste ash contaminated soil with sodium persulfate
The proposed method is superior to the comparative method in purifying the waste ash contaminated soil, and it
is a method for purifying the waste ash contaminated soil in rock engineering with high purification degree.