Analysis of Temperature Control Sensitivity of Inverted Siphon Ground Culvert Structure in Agricultural Ecosystem during Construction

  • Hongfen Nian
Keywords: Concrete, Inverted Siphon, Ground Culvert Structure, Sensitivity Analysis, Temperature Control Influencing Factors


Inverted siphon culvert structure of agricultural ecosystem is prone to cracks during construction. Based on this
feature, this paper studies the main factors affecting the temperature and stress of concrete . The influence of
temperature on the inverted siphon ground culvert structure should not be ignored. Under the load of various
design conditions, there is no tensile stress in the prestressed concrete inverted siphon structure when there is no
temperature change. Based on the actual engineering, this study uses the finite element method of
the unsteady temperature and the precise algorithm of concrete cooling to carry out a sensitivity study on the
influence factors of temperature control . In this study, the number of surface pours and pours has a large
impact on the internal stress and deflection of the concrete. Seasonal changes and temperature differences
between day and night are extremely detrimental to surface crack prevention. Proper insulation and cooling
water pipes can greatly improve the crack resistance of concrete. According to the research results, according to
the characteristics of tensile stress changes, it is suggested that the design ideas of curved prestressed steel bars
be adopted for the inverted siphon floor.