Group Exploratory Teaching Model in the Teaching of Logistics of Rice Agricultural Products

  • Zhaoye Wang
Keywords: Rice Agricultural Product Logistics, Group Discussion, Initiative Learning, Teaching Research


Agriculture is the basic industry on which the Chinese people depend. With the comprehensive development of
the economy and society, and the progressive advancement of science and technology, China’s agriculture and
rural economy are constantly making strategic adjustments. The goal is to further optimize and adjust the
structure. Agricultural product logistics plays an important role in China’s economic development and solving
agricultural problems. Based on the above background, the purpose of this paper is to study the group-based
teaching model in the teaching of logistics of rice agricultural products. Based on the curriculum of rice
agricultural products logistics, this research investigates and analyzes the current teaching status of the course.
Based on the literature survey and related theories, a group collaborative teaching model based on rice
agricultural logistics is established. The basic process is discussed. Then carry out the course teaching design
under the guidance of the new teaching mode, and use teaching experiments to verify, and draw the research
conclusions, reflections and deficiencies. During the study period, the experimental class was taught in a group
discussion mode, while the control class was taught in a traditional mode. By investigating the learning status
and academic achievements of the students in the two classes before and after the experiment, the
implementation effect of the teaching model was tested. The experimental results show that the students’ active
learning of rice agricultural logistics through group discussion teaching has increased to 27%. Group discussion
teaching has enhanced students’ interest and confidence in learning chemistry, improved their learning attitudes
and habits, and strengthened their awareness and ability to cooperate.