Development and Planning Strategies of Agricultural Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology

  • Li Hongyan
Keywords: Agricultural Tourism, Resource Development Planning, Cultural Ecology


The development of rural tourism can promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, promote the
development of land from inefficient cultivation to highly integrated and comprehensive utilization, and
promote balanced and coordinated growth of the regional economy. Based on the connotation of agricultural
tourism and ecological planning and design, this paper establishes an agricultural tourism ecological design
process by analyzing the current status of agricultural tourism development and its existing problems. Based on
the principles of ecological security, ecological beauty, and material circulation, the core content of the
ecological planning and design of agricultural tourism was preliminarily discussed. This paper proposes that
ecological planning and design based on ecological economics, which seeks to coordinate human activities and
nature, is an important way to achieve sustainable development of agricultural tourism. The main content of the
ecological design of agricultural tourism is the Trinity. Aiming at the resources and industrial advantages of a
certain area, the planning and layout of the development of a modern leisure and tourism benefit agricultural
demonstration area in a certain area were proposed and an overall development strategy was proposed. From the
aspect of agricultural industry and agricultural landscape, it has integrated leisure tourism agricultural resources
in a certain area.