Role of Crop Economic Management in Agricultural Development

  • Chunlong Hu
Keywords: Economic Management, Agricultural Development, Rural Economy, Cluster Analysis


The implementation of crop economic management is mainly to safeguard the interests of farmers. The
comprehensive analysis of market demand in the management process requires a clear understanding of the
current market economic environment, reasonable agricultural production, and effective improvement of rural
economic management. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore the role of crop planting management
in the process of agricultural development on the basis of the theory of agricultural economic management,
analyze the current situation of rural economic management level, develop and integrate new paths in the
application of scientific management technology, and explore the advantages and disadvantages of the current
management mode. This article will use the research method of specific analysis of specific problems to make
data comparison and draw a conclusion. Through theoretical innovation and exploration, the agricultural
economic management system will be comprehensively improved, thus improving the management level. The
research results show that there are many problems in the process of economic management. The backward
economic management mode shown in Figure 1 is an important factor affecting the effect of economic
management, accounting for 54% of the existing problems. Therefore, combining with the characteristics of the
current era, we should correctly analyze various influencing factors, formulate scientific and reasonable
agricultural economic management system, continuously learn more advanced management technologies,
formulate management methods, and effectively improve the management level. Because the level of rural
economic management personnel is relatively low, and the agricultural economic management team lacks
professional knowledge and cannot improve the agricultural economic management system and system, the
primary task of crop economic management is how to effectively improve the economic management level of
relevant personnel. This paper analyzes the basic situation of rural economic management and puts forward
strategies to improve the level of rural economic management so as to promote the rapid development of China's
rural economy.