Successful Breeding of High-Quality Cotton Sees the Current Status and Development Trend of Agricultural High-Tech Industrialization

  • Na Li
Keywords: High-quality Cotton, Industrialization, High-Tech, Development Trends


With the rapid development of cotton breeding technology, the major cotton producing countries in the world
have cultivated a large number of new varieties of various types and used them for commercial production. The
industrialization of global agriculture has been an important feature of the internationalization of agricultural
economics and trade in the past 20 years. The purpose of this article is to look at the current status and
development trend of agricultural high-tech industrialization in China from the success of high-quality cotton
breeding. Through a questionnaire survey and interview methods, a comparative study of the development status
of agricultural industrialization at home and abroad is conducted, mainly from a theoretical review. Systematic
analysis of agricultural high-tech industrialization in terms of current situation analysis and strategic choices
(strategic significance, needs analysis, key areas, countermeasures and development suggestions). The research
results show that the yield increase effect of high-quality cotton is about 10% -20%, and cross-breeding between
upland cotton varieties can increase yield by 25% -35%. At the same time, some fields of agricultural
biotechnology in China have reached the international advanced level. The high and new technologies
represented by biotechnology and information technology are causing great changes in the world ’s agriculture
and have become an important cornerstone for supporting China ’s agricultural high-tech industrialization. The
development of agricultural high technology and its industrialization should be mentioned as an important
strategic position, and research and development strategies, tactics and policies should be formulated to ensure
the sustainable development of agriculture in the 21st century.