Supporting Rural Straw as Raw Material Paper Industry Urgently Needs Preferential Tax Policies

  • Conggang Lyu
Keywords: Rural Straw, Paper Industry, Tax, Preferential Policies


Traditional paper industry is made of wood as raw material, and our country is short of forest resources, but
rural straw resources are abundant. Straw as raw material to produce pulp and all kinds of paper products has
become a research hot spot, the country is also issued support policies. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out
research on preferential tax policies to support rural straw as raw materials for paper industry. The purpose of
this article is to solve how to formulate relevant preferential tax policies to promote the development of paper
industry of straw as raw material, through the study of the paper industry development rural straw as raw
material in the currently existing problems and related technical problems and solving way, detailed
understanding of the current development of related industries and the market demand and market benefit, from
the formulating relevant supporting policies to promote the development of the industry. The results show that
the paper industry using rural straw as raw material has a lot of technical difficulties and needs a lot of
development funds, but the future market benefits are considerable. China should formulate preferential policies
for enterprises engaged in this industry and position these enterprises as comprehensive utilization enterprises of
resources. In addition, the tax and related preferential policies will be given to the industry, namely 100% of the
VAT will be refunded on the spot, and the taxable income will be calculated by 85% of the current year's